Thursday, September 20, 2012

Walking To The Music

Today I was able to spend some time in downtown Greensboro, NC to get a fresh cut&color at Bliss&Co!
Bliss is my favorite hair salon by far. I'm an emotional consumer who decides where I spend my money mostly based on the connection that I have with the people who work there, but it helps that they are extremely talented as well. I have never left the salon feeling disappointed or wishing for something different!

With my sassy new hairdo, I walked out of the salon doors and began to feel myself walking to the beat of live music playing near by. It's a feeling that I tend to get.. you know, the feeling where you picture yourself as a main character in a scene from a movie.

As I'm walking to my car to head back home to Mebane, I see the person playing the music that I had been walking to.

I asked: How long have you been playing?
He replied: 22 years, you would think I'd be better by now.

To be honest, although I do not know much about his instrument, he sounded great to me. His music was truly generated by soul and I could see his passion for it written all over his face.
The artists that I admire the most are the ones with true passion.

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