Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Best Medicine

Happiness is the best medicine.

Whether you enjoy dressing up, sharing time with family, drawing, listening to your favorite music, or trying new foods.. your happiness can determine your state of health.

Don’t forget that, through your busy week, you can become easily tied down by your job or your “things to do” list.  Challenge yourself to take some time to do something pleasurable. Whatever it may be, you will find life to be more enjoyable!

When I was younger, my favorite candy used to be gummy worms. Every road trip my family would take, my parents would let my brothers and I choose a pack of our favorite candy from the gas station to enjoy during the ride. Even though it seems so little, the candy would be what we would look forward to every trip. Knowing that I would be tied down at the computer for a while today, I stopped by the gas station to pick up some gummy worms. My workload doesn’t seem so bad now that I get to enjoy the sugary blast of flavor! The blue and red ones are my favoriteJ

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